About Bonzo Estewjo Page

Bonzo Estewjo was a company conceived of at around 1983 in Reading, Massachusetts. But the company really gained ground in the past 12 years. Started primarily as music production business, with computer exposure in that area, it was inevitable that technology would surface in our toolbox.

We are now located in Upstate New York, in the delightful Finger Lakes region of Western New York. Being a small company we are very quick to respond, and consider customer service to be our #1 priority. I know a lot of companies will claim that, but very few in my experiences actually manage to follow it up with action, that's where we are different. Response to issues or problems is another very important priority for us. Because your business is as important as our business, and we consider them to be the same, your problems are ours to solve for you.

Keeping up with technolgy can be a challenge in these fast paced times. We strive to be constantly learning new techniques/technologies and best practices in this web speed world. We have gotten very efficient in finding low cost hardware and software solutions for our customers, this also includes our own learning techniques. We live on the web so you don't have to.

If you ever have a question or problem, or just want to talk shop, by all means call or email. Our advice is generally free and that's my commitment to you personally.

Thanks for considering us to help solve your technological business needs.
Dirk Malavase