Bonzo Estewjo Web Work Page

Here is a list of links to sites we have either created, edited, maintained, or hosted and adminstered. We are now specializing in HTML5 sites for maximum cross user compatability.

HTML 5 sites

  • This site: Bonzo Estewjo
  • The Little Lakes Inn and Healing Center
  • Buford and Smokin' Section
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Malabass
  • Free Dirk
  • HTML 5 Fluid Grid

    This type of development allows maximum capatability for modern cross platform browsers, auto sizable from Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, to even smartphones. Works great also with iMacs, iPads, and of course the iPhone. More sites coming soon!

  • AXEview

  • Other Sites

  • Gleason Geothermal
  • Gleason Heating
  • Chicken Joe Paintball
  • Sweden/Clarkson Recreation
  • Honeoye Lake Chamber of Commerce
  • Genesee Valley Recreation and Parks Society
  • Don Keefe's Grand Prix Book
  • Sound Source
  • Rossi Music Inc.
  • Rick's Live Music
  • The Boogiemen
  • Acoustic Brew
  • Flash Only Sites

  • Tryptic Soy
  • Andy Saxby
  • Malabass Old Flash Site
  • James Allan
  • Hosted and Administered Only

  • Hard Logic
  • Raspberry Hollow Photo